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Below I have highlighted the courses I've regularly taught, as well as selected student testimonials.

Social Psychology

This course introduces a sociological social psychological perspective on organized life in society: its central concepts, principles, and ways of thinking. On completion of this course, students should: (1) be familiar with basic concepts, principles, and theories; (2) be able to apply a social psychological perspective to selected sociological topics and phenomena; (3) be familiar with selected research methods and approaches to assessing the validity of social psychological hypotheses; and (4) be familiar with some classic social psychological studies and findings.

Image by Karla Vidal
Image by Sandy Millar

Sociology of Gender

This course serves as an introduction to Sociology of Gender. We will examine issues of sex, gender, and sexuality and intersections with race, class, and sexual orientation from a sociological perspective. We will consider the ways in which gender is both a process and a product of our culture and society. We will use feminist theories and methodologies on gender to consider the ways in which gender influences social life and social organizations with an emphasis on contemporary American society to examine especially patterns of equality and inequality. Each week, we will focus on a different social arena with topics such as socialization, sexual orientation, health care, family and household, and work. My objective for this course, through lectures and class discussions, is to provide you with the necessary tools to understand complex issues of gender and critique issues concerning gender from a feminist standpoint.

Sarah Groh provided a phenomenal environment and was able to make the class enjoyable! She also made the class material very interesting, allowing my classmates and me to retain the information easily."

Undergraduate, Fall 2022

University of Georgia, Sociology of Gender

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