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Research and Current Projects

Dissertation Research

The Impact of Patient-Provider Interaction on Health Care Access and Health Behaviors for Lesbian Women 

My dissertation research examines the how, why¸ and under what conditions lesbian women make decisions regarding accessing health care. Research on the health care experiences of LGBTQ+ people illustrates how negative health care encounters can impede patient decisions to access health care in the future, contributing to inequalities for socially marginalized groups of people. At the core of this research is how patient-provider interaction may influence patient outcomes. My dissertation is an inquiry into how patient-provider interaction shapes decisions to access care for lesbian women, and I draw from literatures in social psychology, stigma, and LGBTQ+ health care experiences to answer my questions. I ask, first, how do lesbian women understand their immediate health needs and how does this understanding influence their decisions to access health care? Second, how does dependence in relationships with health care providers influence how lesbian women patients respond to health care encounters? Third, how does provider competence and awareness of LGBTQ+ specific needs modify the relationship between dependence in relationships and continued access to care? I answer these questions by using surveys and semi-structured, in-depth interviews with lesbian women. 

Selected Publications

Please feel free to contact me for PDF copies.

Campos-Castillo, Celeste, stef m. shuster, Sarah M. Groh, and Denise L. Anthony. 2020. "Warning: Hegemonic Masculinity May Not Matter as Much as You Think for Confidant Patterns among Older Men." Sex Roles.

Sarah M. Groh and Long Doan. "The Role of Emotional Expressiveness in Shaping Perceptions of Physicians." (Revise & Resubmit Social Psychology Quarterly)

Campos-Castillo, Sarah M. Groh, and Linnea I. Laestadius. "Is Social Media Once Again Amplifying Harms to Adolescents? Latino Adolescents' Experiences of Wellbeing Risks within their Residential Context." (Submitted for Review)

Clay-Warner, Jody, Justine Tinkler, Sarah M. Groh, Kylie M. Smith, and Sharyn Potter. "What Will People Think? How College Students Evaluate Bystander Intervention Behavior." (Submitted for Review) 

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