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Sarah M. Groh

Doctoral Candidate at the University of Georgia

Sarah Groh is a doctoral candidate in the Sociology Department at the University of Georgia. She is broadly interested in the personal, social, and structural factors that facilitate and constrain health and well-being and often uses social psychological theories to investigate her research questions. More specifically, her research focuses on how two fundamental social statuses - sexual orientation and gender identity - influence people's experiences of the social world. Most recently, her work focuses on health care access, utilization, and health outcomes of LGBTQIA+ populations.​​

Research Interests

Sex and Gender, Sexualities/LGBTQ+, Inequalities, Medical Sociology, Mental health, Social Psychology, Identity and Interaction

About Me

My research explores how social and structural factors operate to facilitate or constrain access to differing resources. Broadly, I investigate two avenues of research: 1) health care access, utilization, and health outcomes for LGBTQIA+ people and 2) differences and similarities in gendered health and well-being outcomes at the micro and interactional level.

My work has been published in Sex Roles, and I have received support for my work through the University of Georgia's J. William Fanning Fellowship, the University of Georgia's Research and Engagement in Diversity Seed Grant, and the University of Georgia Sociology Department Small Grants Fund.

I am trained in quantitative, qualitative, experimental methods, and feminist methods. Most of my work to date uses quantitative data analysis and/or interviews to investigate how LGBTQIA+ people access and navigate health care as well as investigating health outcomes for LGBTQIA+ people. 


Contact Info

355 S Jackson Street,

Athens, GA. 30502

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